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    Texas, Born here....Live here....Work here....

    What we do: We provide solutions!

    New Product Sales, Installation and Service: This is one of the key components to our success. Specialty Supply & Installation LLC started in 1972 as an installation and service company traveling throughout the Southwest and Midwest. We quickly understood the value and the perception the customer expects is not in the sales process or the manufacturring process, but the service you receive from the person that answers the phone to the service technicians that install your product.

    We have maintained the understanding and awareness that the value of the sale is not in getting the order, but in the delivery and installation of the product as you expect it. In addition to the actual installation, we can provide a variety of other services beneficial to you during the planning stages of your project.

    Repair and Retrofit: Specialty Supply & Installation LLC hires, trains, and maintains crews that specialize in the various aspects of our business. Our installers are factory trained and our repair technicians are trained and experienced to work on virtually every brand of bleacher. We are committed to providing you the highest level of experience and expertise for whatever our requirements are. We enjoy the reputation this segment of our business has brought us. We have completed projects from Florida to Oregon, and in many of those projects, the customers have sought us as a result of our reputation for providing quality work at a fair price. The Seating Pros contines to demonstrate through this segment of our business our ability to evaluate and solve the needs of our customers.

    Manufacturing: Specialty Supply & Installation LLC has manufactured and sold since 1979 the Rol-Eze Power System. This product was originally designed to provide retrofit power to existing manual bleachers and this still remains the main use for this powersystem. The Rol-Eze Power System is non-friction and works with any brand of bleacher new or old. Because the system is non-friction, it does not require any special floor conditions and has provided continuous service in several school districts since 1979.

    The Rol-Eze System:
    Although generally more cost effective on bleachers approximately twelve (12) rows or higher, can be retrofitted to any size of manual bleachers. The Rol-Eze System is unique from any other non-friction or friction power system, powering bleachers up to thirty-five (35) rows high, portable or wall attached forward fold or reverse fold. This is the only system on the market today installed on virtually every brand of bleachers currently or previsously manufactured. The Rol-Eze Power System provides easy operation for all brands of bleaches with virtually no maintenance requirements.

    From our new product sales, to installation and service, to our repair and retrofit, to our Rol-Eze manufacturing, we provide solutions for your seating or gymnasium equipment needs.