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    Bleacher Repair & Services

    Seating Problems? We have Your Solution!

    Specialty Supply technicians

    The Seating Pros provides bleacher repair and service to all brands of gym bleachers. Inspections, Maintenance, Repair, Power Systems, or Parts, we have the experience and personnel to meet your needs. Contact Us by phone or e-mail. We will be glad to work with you at reaching a cost effective solution.


    We offer a complete inspection program of your gym bleacher seating. Each report determines the needs for repairs or maintenance, if any, and the code compliance of the seating.

    The Seating Pros uses factory trained and certified technicians that follow a 22-point checklist. Our Maintenance program includes a written report for each gym or campus and can be set-up at regular intervals for your convenience. Contact us for a quote and to schedule.


    The Seating Pros offers a complete repair solution to the gym bleacher understructure. Our repair includes replacement of missing or damaged casters, straighten and alignment of all upright columns, replacement or repair of row interlocking clips and braces, jack and welding of cantilevered supports arms, alignment and anchoring as needed, replacemment or repair of row locks, re-welding of broken weld joints, and adjustment, lubrication, demonstration and a 1-year warranty. Contact us for a quote and to schedule.

    Power Systems

    We can provide a retrofit power system solution to replace a worn out system or to add a new system to manual bleachers. We offer a friction power system that fits nearly all brands of bleachers or the dependable Rol-Eze™ Power System. The Rol-Eze™ Power System is uniquely applicable to most any bleacher or floor condition because it is a non-friction system and can operate bleachers up to 35 rows high. Both systems operate with a simple push of the button to open or close. Both systems carry a 1-year warranty. Contact us for a quote and to discuss which system is best for you.