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    Rol Eze™ Power Systems


    General Scope

    Furnish and install ROL-EZE™ electric power systems as manufactured by Specialty Supply & Installation LLC, P.O. BOX 1047 Conroe, TX 77305 Tel: 936-890-8997 Fax: 936-890-6845. The power system is to be a NON-FRICTION type which will be contained within the back row of gym seat uprights and must be adaptable to the existing brand of gym seating.

    Motors & Frames:

    Electric motors as required are to be NEMA B design, totally enclosed fan cooled worm gear motor, 1 1/2 H.P., (min), 3 Phase, 208/230 volts, 1750/35 RPM with 50 to 1 gear ratio power drive transmission. Frame for motor is to be made of 2x2x3/16” steel angle with slotted bolt holes three times in length the diameter of bolt used to mount 1 1/4 diameter pillow blocks, (2 required), to frame. The mount for motor will have at least 4” of adjustment. Motor to be mounted horizontal at bottom of frame with minimum of 6” clearance.


    Mover system to be drum type chain driven. Drum and frame to be all welded six sided unit consisting of 3x3xl/4” steel angle mounted to a 1 1/4” center shaft. Brackets used for mounting angles to shaft are to be 2x3/16” flat bar with a #60A84 sprocket mounted at one end. The center shaft is supported at each end by a 1 1/4” pillow block with 1/2x I” slotted holes for adjustment. Frames to support drum unit to be made of 2x2x3/16” angle welded to form two rectangular sides that measure 20x16” with drum resting between, mounted on top of center support bracket which is to be located a minimum of 12” off the floor. Drum units are to develop required 1150 torque horse power which will be accomplished by use of sprockets and gear boxes as specified.

    Drive Shafts

    Drive Shafts are to be continuous 1 1/4” cold rolled steel with #601313 tooth sprocket welded to each end in line with main drum sprocket and attached together with #60 chain. At each place where there is motor, weld a #13601324 double tooth sprocket to the shaft in line with motor sprocket. All sprockets & shaft couplers are to be continuous welded on each side.

    Limit Switches:

    Limit switches are to be fully enclosed with two position operating cams. Limits are to be adjusted to stop bleachers automatically in the extended and closed positions. Limit switches are to be attached to drive shaft by means of a #351325 tooth sprocket.

    Drive Chains

    The push/pull drive chains are to be fabricated of C channel 4xl2xl/4”. Each 12” link to have 4x4x3/16” butt hinge and 2 1/2x2 1/2xl/4” angle stop welded to a 2 1/2x3/16” flat strip welded on front of angle stop to relieve stress from hinges. Wheels on bottom of links to be preassembled casters with wheel size a minimum of 7/8” wide x 2” tall. Caster flange to be welded to bottom of links.

    Shop Fabrication

    Production of the Rol-Eze Power™ system is fabricated at our manufacturing shop in Willis, Texas.

    Note: In addition to our warranty, we offer a free 1 year total maintenance with each power system installed.