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    Gymnasium Seating

    MAXAM™ Telescopic Bleacher Seating

    Texas High School GymnasiumClick on image to enlarge

    Just the way we planned it. Solid, steadfast and sturdy.

    MAXAM Gym Bleachers make safety Priority One, in keeping with Hussey’s longstanding reputation as the industry leader in this crucial area. It introduces a revolutionary approach to understructure, a key feature that contributes directly to smooth operation and optimum load support. Several distinct power options improve performance, and of course all components are the finest available, including high-quality structural steel. Captive interlocking systems and row locks at every row and on every section. In addition to the most solid foundation in the business, MAXAM is loaded with scores of “soft-design” modifications that offer the maximum in completely safe use.

    Performance, Flexibility and Safety spring directly from quality materials and quality engineering, which are everywhere you look. From the ground up, MAXAM make safety simple.

    The next generation of telescopic gymnasium seating, MAXAM™ represents a new definition of quality…where superior design combines with the ultimate in flexibility, safety and value.

    No other telescopic bleacher system can compare. MAXAM’s countless options and custom capabilities will make it uniquely suited to your facility. And only MAXAM has the unique Flex-Row feature (patent pending) to maximize your seating options, allowing an endless variety of configurations to accommodate the most challenging team sport and public access seating requirements.

    You can easily configure the first row in any number of lock-in layouts for wheelchair access, giving you many ADA solutions instead of just one. Need only one row? It’s no problem with Flex-Row!

    Like all Hussey Seating products, MAXAM is designed with safety in mind. With its sophisticated understructure and full-length captured decking with no exposed hardware, every MAXAM solution is engineered for stability, strength and safe performance for years to come. In fact, Hussey is so confident in the quality and craftsmanship of the versatile MAXAM range, we back it with a Five Year Product Warranty, five times the industry standard! 

    MAXAM Wall AttachedClick image to enlargeMAXAM Wall Attached

    Our most popular telescopic platform seating solution. Wall attached systems are supplied in 3 to 30 tier banks, are extremely adaptable, and efficiently recover floor space, allowing you to easily get the most out of your facility at all time.

    MAXAM Reverse FoldClick image to enlargeMAXAM Reverse Fold

    MAXAM Wall Attached and Reverse Fold Telescopic Gym Seats installed in Plymouth, HS, Plymouth, IN. Often utilized for balcony seating areas, reverse fold systems retract from back to front to create additional space behind the unit. This space can be used for practice areas, batting cages, volleyball, gymnastics or any wide array of uses. Add back panels for a cleaner look, more versatility and improved safety.

    MAXAM RecessedClick image to enlargeMAXAM Recessed

    This system utilizes a pocket in the wall to house the platform when closed. The ends may or may not be exposed, and the platform is hidden from view typically under a balcony or mezzanine. Recessed platforms are outfitted with upper and lower tracking guides, removable end rails, and can accommodate custom transition steps to the balcony when required.

    MAXAM PortableClick image to enlargeMAXAM Portable

    These platform sections allow you to easily move and store platforms where you want them. Create any number of custom seating layouts for different events. Units may be equipped with locking floor pintels for extra safety and security.

    MAXAM+/Metro RecessedClick image to enlargeMAXAM+/Metro Recessed

    Padded Metro seats on a recessed MAXAM + platform .