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    Environmental Data

    We care about you & the environment!

    We care about you & the environment!

    We are committed to the awareness and responsible actions of maintaining our vital natural resources, and we demonstrate this daily this through our conservation and re-cycle efforts:

    • Starting internally with our paper purchases, we buy recycled and re-use most all documents, printing on both sides. Even our shipping utilizes previously used boxes.
    • We sort and re-cycle the by products of our industry, steel and aluminum, in excess of 100,000 lbs a year.
    • Additionally, we are seeing a much more receptive audience in transmitting our drawings and documents via email. Whenever possible we utilize this method.

    As the only Hussey Seating Co. dealer in the state of Texas we share this vision and effort with Hussey Seating Co. Hussey’s commitment to sustainable building practices means they’ve documented the recycled material content and indoor air quality characteristics of their products down to the part level, including packaging, for each product configuration. You can download these data sheets at for a product snapshot, and once you’re ready to close out your project, Specialty Supply will deliver a project-specific, factory-certified worksheet based on the exact product makeup of your facility.