Friday, August 17, 2012 at 10:45AM

With the start of another school year and a million things on your plate, don’t lose sight of Gym Bleacher Safety!

The Gym Bleachers should ONLY be operated by Trained and Authorized personnel. Never Allow Students to operate the Gym Bleachers. Please remember to keep all controls or keys securely stored.

The Quick Reference below is intended to serve as a general guide, be sure you have read and are familiar with the complete operating manual. For Non-Friction Power Systems be sure you are familiar with the supplemental guide.

1. CAUTION: Never allow untrained or unauthorized personnel to operate the bleachers. The bleacher operation should be by trained personnel only, damage to the equipment or personal injury could result. Students should not be permitted to operate the bleachers.
2. The pendant control or switch key on power-operated bleachers should never be left unattended and should be used only by trained and authorized personnel.
3. Be sure the area beneath or under the bleachers, on each side, in front of and in back of the bleachers is clear of any obstructions, equipment and/or personnel before operating.
4. Be sure the intermediate aisle rails have been removed and/or folded down and do not obstruct the opening or closing.
5. Be sure to remove or properly store the front step before opening or closing.
6. Be sure any accessories have been removed that could obstruct the process of opening or closing.
7. It is recommended that the opening and/or closing process be a two-person operation (trained and authorized personnel only), one person to operate controller and observe and monitor (visible and audible) operation, the other person to observe and monitor (visible and audible) operation. CAUTION: Be sure all obstructions have been removed prior to opening or closing. CAUTION: Be sure no one is under or on or around the bleachers during the opening or closing process. CAUTION: Be sure all moving parts, motors, and accessories are free and clear of any obstructions.
8. Never attempt to continue the process of opening or closing if the bleachers bind or jam or do not track evenly. Stop and check for obstructions, it may be required to reverse the procedure and start again. Do not attempt to force the bleachers. Do not attempt to operate the bleachers if visible or audible problems are present. 
9. Be sure all rails have been properly stored or removed prior to closing and be sure all rails have been properly set in place after opening prior to use.
10. Note: On bleachers equipped with Flex-Rows the Flex-Row is manually opened and closed. Be sure the Flex-Rows are locked into place.



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